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I am Dipankar Das, automation engineer by developing platforms that can automate repetitive tasks. Currently, Also, a member of the Kubernetes organization and have made open-source contributions to various cloud-native projects: CNCF Tag Green, Kubernetes, Armo, Kubeshop, Cilium, and more.

Currently working as a DevOps Engineer at rtCamp

Won a Hackathon Napptive + WeMakeDevs Cloud Native Hackathon on the Track 2 Results Link


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Tenure: 01/2024 to Present

Role: DevOps Engineer (Platform Engineer)

Knowledge Areas

  • Nginx indepth understanding
    • with SSL and openresty
  • wordpress
    • understanding php code and folder structure
    • install and use in docker compose with https and volumes
  • new-relic for monitoring php apps
  • github actions
    • write releases using raw github api curl requests
    • ghcr pacakage releases
  • Google Tag manager
    • deployment and understading how its use
  • docker rootless POC
  • research on AWS Savings plan indepth for ec2 and rds services
  • used fail2ban with cloudflare integration to ban ips which are denied access for fixed amount of failed attempts
  • kubernetes
    • Storage class with RWX in GCP
    • RWX use either a file storage option for example{NFS, standard-rwx} or bucket (there are latencies)
    • using s3 for uploading static data
    • wordpress deployment with kustomize
    • gitops workflow with argocd
    • terraform module for GKE standard cluster with HPA and Cluster AutoScaler
  • play with cloudflare
  • certbot
    • nginx
    • dns-cloudflare
    • webroot
    • standlone
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Tenure: 07/2022 to Present

Role: Founder

Knowledge Areas

  • Go Programming
  • Kubernetes in and out
  • aws go sdk, civo go sdk, azure go sdk
  • Makefile, e2e tests, mocks
  • github actions
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Tenure: 03/2022 to Present

Role: Ambassador & Maintainer and Creator of Ksctl

Knowledge Areas

  • Wrote blogs on kubesimplify Refer
  • Done some Twitch sessions about Golang and general Go Development
  • Ksctl Creator and Maintainer
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Tenure: 03/2023 to 09/2023

Role: DevOps Intership

Knowledge Areas

  • Learning in domains of Mobile app development and publish in production.
  • Snyk integration with projects
  • Kubernetes Migration to EKS and use Gateway API via Nginx Controller
  • Dockerization of existing nodeJS apps
  • Migration step for reverse-proxy from the apache HTTP server to Nginx
  • Jenkins job automation to create CLI tool for automating the jenkins job creation
  • letsencrypt for SSL cert generation
  • Promethus for capturing the live metrics from existing running VMs
  • migrating Gitlab repos to AWS codecommit


  • Entire Project lifecycle
  • Managing Development and how we go ahead with deployment models
  • Infrastructure side as well
  • Programming tools which help automate tasks

Tools and Technologies

#Kubernetes #Docker #Linux #Git #AWS #Azure #Restful-API #GRPC #Github #GitLab #Ansible #Terraform #Jenkins #Civo

Programming Languages

#Go #Rust #Python #Java #C #Javascript #Bash


  • Member of Kubernetes and Kubernetes-Sigs Org
  • Got invited for joining Github maintainers repo
  • almost got selected for LFX mentorship
  • Create a few projects based on software development, DevOps knowledge I attained
  • a PR wrangler in sig-docs
  • OSS Kubernetes code contributions and many CNCF related projects like monokle, kubescape, etc
  • created a PDF-editor project which taught me about microservice architecture design pattern and devops tools to automate things
  • Created a Ksctl project to learn more about golang, cloud platforms, advance concepts like logging, cli, threading, .. and also learn how to interact with kubernetes client-go

Certificates and Badges

Name link
AWS Academy Graduate - AWS Academy Cloud Architecting Badge
AWS Academy Graduate - AWS Academy Cloud Foundations Badge
DevOps Internship Completion Certificate (Viamagus) Certificate link
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) (KodeKloud) Certificate link
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) (KodeKloud) certificate link
Developing a Winning Marketing Strategy Certificate link
Developing a Marketing Mix for Growth Certificate link
Cisco Network Introduction Badge Link
Cisco Cybersecurity Essentials Badge Link
Cisco Cybersecurity Introduction Badge Link
Cisco Programming Essentials on Python Badge Link
AWS Academy Graduate - AWS Academy Introduction to Cloud Semester 1 badge image
HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate Certification (KodeKloud) certificate Link
Terraform Basics Training Course (KodeKloud) certificate link
Cilium Cluster Mesh badge image
Clilium Service Mesh badge image
Cilium Getting Started badge image
GitOps Fundamentals with ArgoGitOps Fundamentals with Argo(Codefresh) Certificate Link
Fundamentals for Istio Ambient Mesh by Solo.io badge image
LFD103: A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development badge image

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