Date 2024-05-14 2024-05-20

  • ksctl grpc testing, how to write better cdode
  • cncf green reviews contributions
  • go/wasip2 KT from the maintainers
  • company work

Date 2024-05-13

  • got some advice on how to debug logs
  • some compiler level directive understanding for wasip1 support in go
  • ksctl PR where removed the storageIMporter and used simpler approach kubeapi server endpoints to talk and load the state if needed

Date 2024-05-12

  • ksctl new context aware logging with much better logging
  • came to understand how is wasmimport compile directive is working

Date 2024-05-08 2024-05-11

  • understood how is wasm support in go added (wasip1)
  • cncf green reviews Trigger and Deplyo proposal is almost there
  • ksctl refactoring major is in progress
    • came to know about new ways to pass context aware logging
    • nice new cli only logging and structured logging on the way

Date 2024-05-06 2024-05-07

  • Ksctl firewall feature almost done
  • improved my understanding about firewall rules

Date 2024-05-01 2024-05-05

  • learning about grpc path based routing
  • came to know about aws, azure, civo security groups aka firewall impl.
  • getting started with wasi contrib
  • got > 10k page views